Table 6 Initial and follow-up serum copper and zinc and 24-h urine zinc levels in Cases 3, 8, 9, and 12, along with initial and follow-up serum copper and zinc levels reported by Prodan et al.3

SubjectTimeSerum copper, 0.75–1.45 μg/mL, 0.75–1.55 μg/mL*Serum zinc, 0.66–1.10 μg/mL, 0.70–1.50 μg/mL*24-h urine zinc, 300–600 μg/specimen
Normal values indicated in column headings.
* The reference range provided by Prodan et al.3 is slightly different from the reference range used in the authors’ laboratory.
Case 3Initial0.001.092,875
6 wk0.281.112,238
Case 8Initial0.051.463,500
18 wk0.912.082,265
Case 9Initial0.111.472,060
16 wk0.341.592,549
Case 12Initial0.310.991,355
6 wk0.591.102,237
Ref. 3, Case 1Initial0.051.74NA
8 wk1.063.33NA
Ref. 3, Case 2Initial0.001.92NA
8 wk0.762.23NA