Table 1 Demographic characteristics: ITT cohort

CharacteristicAVP-923DMQp Value*
AVP-923 vs DMAVP-923 vs Q
Quantities are means (SD), except as noted. HRSD, CNS-LS, and VAS scores are baseline values. Baseline measurements for HRSD were done at screening. Baseline measurements for CNS-LS, VAS-QOL, and VAS-QOR were done on day 1.
* p Values to compare means were computed by using analysis of variance with an adjustment for center.
ITT = intention to treat; DM = dextromethorphan hydrobromide; Q = quinidine sulfate; HRSD = Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression; CNS-LS = Center for Neurologic Study Lability Scale; VAS = Visual Analog Scale; QOL = Quality of Life; QOR = Quality of Relationships.
Age, y54.8 (12.8)53.8 (11.2)55.3 (9.5)0.780.99
Female, %3547350.150.81
Race, %0.210.55
    Black, n300
    White, n898391
    Hispanic, n8109
    Other, n070
HRSD5.4 (4.3)4.3 (3.1)5.8 (4.2)0.140.71
CNS-LS20.0 (5.5)21.4 (6.2)22.2 (5.2)0.320.07
VAS-QOL35.1 (26.7)47.6 (27.2)46.6 (26.9)0.020.03
VAS-QOR31.2 (28.5)41.1 (28.2)42.2 (29.9)0.140.06