Table 3 1H MRS metabolites that were different between dementia groups

1H MRS metabolite ratioANOVA: p value*Between-group differencePairwise LSD test: p value
* ANOVA: p value is derived from ANOVA comparing all four dementia groups.
† LSD test: p value is derived from pair-wise between-dementia-group comparisons of metabolite ratios significant on ANOVA.
MRS = MR spectroscopy; ANOVA = analysis of variance; LSD = least significant difference; NAA = N-acetylaspartate; Cr = creatine; DLB = dementia with Lewy bodies; AD = Alzheimer disease; FTLD = frontotemporal lobar dementia; Cho = choline; MI = myo-inositol.
NAA/Cr0.009DLB > AD<0.001
DLB > FTLD0.009
AD > VaD0.02
MI/Cr0.008FTLD > VaD0.002
FTLD > DLB0.02