Table Descriptive characteristics of baseline, recently concussed, and control groups

SampleNPrevious mTBIsAge, yFootballHockeySoccerBasketballLacrosseRugbyOther
Baseline no hx = athlete with no history of mTBI; Baseline 1 mTBI = athlete with a history of 1 mTBI; Baseline >1 mTBI = athlete with a history of more than 1 mTBI; mTBI PC = recently concussed athlete with a history of previous concussion; mTBI NPC = recently concussed athlete with no previous history of concussion; control = athlete without a mTBI within the previous 6 months.
Baseline no hx2862860018.81.1127423014222724
Baseline 1 mTBI92092019.01.43124921376
Baseline >1 mTBI55005519.11.2920113615
mTBI PC300171320.21.5111213030
mTBI NPC27270020.21.612921201