Table 1 Overview of case-control studies and subgroup analyses in GBS

(Sub)groupsSignificant associationNo significant associations
* Current study.
GBS = Guillain-Barré syndrome; MFS = Miller Fisher syndrome; AIDP = acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.
GBS vs healthy controlsDR3 increased in Mexican GBS patients (n = 38) vs 100 controls18 A3-B8 increased in Egyptian GBS patients(n = 32) vs 234 controls19GBS patients (n = 993) and controls (n = 5,608) of various ethnic origin16,17,20–32*
Subgroups in GBS patients
    C. jejuni infectionDQB1*03 increased in Caucasian C. jejuni-positive GBS group (n = 30)29 HLA-B54 and Cw1 increased in JapaneseC. jejuni-positive GBS/MFS group (n = 26)2237 C. jejuni-positive Caucasian GBS patients (total GBS, n = 164)* 42 C. jejuni-positive Japanese GBS patients (total GBS, n = 81)25 2 Chinese case-control studies24,26
    Anti-GM1 antibodies3 studies24,25*
    Electrophysiologic  subgroupsDQ-β RLD55–57/ED70,71 and DR-β E9V11H13 epitopes associated with AIDP in Chinese patients (n = 25)2612 Chinese27 and 67 Caucasian AIDP patients*
    Severity of disease3 studies20,31*
    Mechanical ventilationHLA-DRB1*01 associated with mechanical ventilation*