Table 3 HLA class II allele distribution in clinical and serologic subgroups of GBS

HLA association*HLA allele frequencypc Value
Positive (%)Negative (%)
* An uncorrected p value of <0.05 is used to identify possible HLA associations.
† The frequency of the selected HLA allele within a subgroup of GBS patients is compared between patients with or without the mentioned characteristic.
pc value: p value corrected for testing multiple alleles.
HLA = human leukocyte antigen; GBS = Guillain-Barré syndrome; MRC = Medical Research Council.
Antecedent infection
    DiarrheaDRB1*0419/48 (40)20/94 (21)0.49
    C. jejuniNone
Anti-ganglioside antibodies
    Anti-GM1, GQ1b, GM2, or GD1aDRB1*0316/28 (57)37/114 (32)0.65
    Anti-GM1DRB1*046/49 (12)26/93 (28)0.57
    Anti-GQ1bDRB1*0412/49 (24)8/93 (9)0.31
    Anti-GM2DRB1*083/8 (38)9/134 (7)0.38
Clinical features
    Mechanical ventilationDRB1*0115/34 (44)19/122 (16)0.02
    MRC sumscore < 40/60None
    F score ≥ 3None
    Cranial nerve deficitsDRB1*0124/31 (77)56/111 (50)0.14